INCUBLOCK supports blockchain technology and business.

We Build Innovations


Blockchain Lab


Let's develop blockchain industry and technologies which is the biggest revolution of the era

Education & Consulting


"Blockchain Tech Education

 & Consulting"

Improving Blockchain human resource.

Providing an infrastructure for blockchain developer teams applying blockchain technology on various industry sectors and businesses


Global Expansion​

"Global Advancement Support Business"

Supporting for blockchain start-ups, guiding enterprises to advance into overseas markets, and allowing globalization of Korean blockchain technology

Technology Development

"Blockchain Development Support"

Supporting technology and operation resources to Platform/DApp developement teams

Team Building & Matching

“Excellence in talent discovery and matching”

Excellent human resource development and various institutions and blockchain project matching with Universities.


Vision and Goal

INCUBLOCK brings innovation to all fields of industry such as finance, supply and administration. 

At the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution, INCUBLOCK allows an environment where blockchain research and development can prosper.

INCUBLOCK leads the commercialization of blockchain solutions. INCUBLOCK creates a cycle structure of blockchain ecosystem which will result in the creation of social value.

INCUBLOCK takes the lead in establishing blockchain technology as the new growth engine of Korea.


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